Friday, February 6, 2009

I just turned this into a writing journal...

this weekend i am in visual journal workshop which is a workshop run by Nancy Wolfe and offered by my school this semester. so i took it. and one of the pages is a collaborative poem, and that nancy guided us to making a wonderful poem that each person wrote seperately. here's mine:

Collab. Poem (by michael abernathy)
***don't steal my work***

When kissing those of exotic nature,
one goes through certain hoops
of reason, regret, and monstrosity.
One mustn't fiddle with bogus
ideas of long-lasting, glittering love.
In the morning when one wakes up in
Adrian, the morbid superfluous feelings
that are devoid of that smiling laughter one
sows when in love, that delicate promise
that bows to one magic smile,
are only memories of fun happy loving
times. when our oes froze an ht
epiphany rose out of the murky depths
of our minds.
Thoe mushrooms we took that caused our
vision to be freckled wit cats. We delved
into the happy freaky september nights, where
the sight of badgers confounded us.
"help" i screamed
as you tried to decieve the threads that connected
our hearts, as you stood on the football
platform, at the start of a new adventure,
a new line in you lively book of love.

please tell me what you think.
some of it is false, and some true.
but it's very personal, and wierd that out of randomness came something so ironicly my situation. really makes you believe in fate.