Saturday, August 29, 2009

School has started.

It's Official. For students of Adrian College school has started. Today is the first saturday of the semester, which means that the first week of classes has passed. I love my classes, except the one i haven't been to yet, Sociology 102/1. The week started with me in section 2 of Sociology 102, with a prof. who I just didn't click with, so i switched.

It's only the first weekend, but i miss my family hardcore.

they are so wonderful.

In about two months my blogiverssery is coming up.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Preview of Art-A-Liscious Work.

That's right. Art-A-Liscious is just around the corner, and because of that i've finally snapped a picture of my "Tooth-Roots". I hope you love them. I have so much more left to do and as you'll see in the picture i still have eyes to sew on and faces to paint. PLUS i have to make about 50 more. I hope i have none left after Art-A-Licious, but if i do have some left, i'll probably put them on ETSY!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Women go make a salad.

I see this commercial all the time, but last night it truly hit me that there are two meanings behind this commercial, 1. women belong in the kitchen, not outside grilling and 2. That this charcoal is so easy a woman can do it! I won't even mention the fact that men can't make salads in their own kitchens. i think that this might be the most ridiculous commercial out there on T.V. i mean come on people, way to perpetuate age old sterotypes.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

NEWSFLASH:: Size 5's are fat.

did anyone else notice that neither of these women need to diet. I did, and it pisses me off! How can the "big things" women not be considered thin? You can still see her chin, and even through all of that big shit you can see that her waist is small. I'm guessing she is a size 5 at max.
So what does that tell girls like my sister and my nieces??? that if you are a size 5 you're in bad need of a diet???

fuck that!

i'm all for being healthy, which is the only reason anyone should eat that stupid yogurt, but using it as a diet food, and for what??? TO lose ten pounds. I'm sorry bitch as a plus sized guy myself i know what's skinny and what isn't, or at least i used to until society decided that size 5 is fat. If size 5 is fat what am i SUPER FAT???

what do you think??


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Not a usual post.

Hey there ya'll,

So i am a feminist as well as an artist, and originally this blog was going to be about my art, but i feel like i must draw attention to the nastiness of the non-feminist world. Last night i got sucked into Mad T.V. and even though i was a little tipsy, i still couldn't help but notice the really negetive vibes from this clip.

i can't belive that the goal of this is to laugh. How can i laugh at "the ugly woman"? and does anyone else have a sneaking suspiscion that the last bit was suppossed to be domestic violence??? I mean usually i LOVE Michael McDonald, his stewart charecter is really quite funny, but this??? COME ON!!!! totally crossing the line. But what do ya'll think???

Also I Posted a comment on the Deeply Problematic's 50 books for problematic times so i though you might like to post as well. Instead of me telling you all about it, just go check it out!!!
I posted about T. Cooper's Lipshitz 6 or Two Angry Blondes. I also mentioned Wally Lamb's She Comes Undone and his other book This Much I Know is True. Both are really really beautiful, and Wally Lamb is one of my favorite authors.

Speaking of books though i LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathon Stroud!!! it's kind of like the new Harry Potter, only more along the lines of Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials meets Jonathon Strange and Mr. Norrell.

Maybe, i'll keep up with the posting and maybe i'll finally get some of my work up on here for all to see....MAYBE???


Thursday, July 23, 2009

New update.

WOW! it's been a while.
But i need to just post a quick update.

i have a booth at the Tecumseh's Farmer Market in September.


i'm still not quite sure i know what i'm going to make.
something i'm sure.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Nature Walk and New Work Coming!

Today me and my darling friend gage went out for a nature picture safari. I didn't havea list when i started i just kind of took pictures as things happened. These top four are just a little scatter of the 3 something pictures i have. (you can find them all at my myspace: So we had some fun there.

also i have been working on a new series of work that i'm calling american foundations...which is a working title. The new series is a collection of images i drew that feature a sign(like a peace sign)and it's meaning (like PEACE for the peace sign pair.)Each pair is two images each pair illustrating peace, love, and rock and roll. the peace pair is on bright acid green fabric, the love pair is on neon pink fabric, and the rock and roll pair is going to be on black possibly...?

but i'll get pictures of them and put them up soon.
also i'm working on a painting too.

i'll keep you posted.

Friday, March 27, 2009

feminist sleeping beauty, written by yours truly!!!

The Feminist Sleeping Beauty
There once was a wicked story about a girl who had no other fate than to get married to the first prince who kissed her. It was called Sleeping Beauty and was told to all little girls to give them the idea that they themselves need to find their own Prince Charming. This story isn’t about that girl, but a very different girl named Prunella. Prunella’s story starts very much like that wretched Sleeping Beauty’s tale….
Once upon a time there was a very smart king and queen who wanted a daughter to raise with feminist ideals, so that they would have a heir to the throne that would run their matriarchal country just as they did. One day the queen was bathing by herself in the river that she so loved behind the castle. She loved to meditate and do her daily devotions while taking her bath in the midafternoon, and during this solitary time a beautiful green frog came hopping up to the river bank.
“Hello little darling frog, how are you this lovely afternoon?” asked the queen, expecting the frog to croak back in reply.
“Thank you so much for asking fair queen. For your act of kindness and compassion I will bestow upon you your true hearts desire to be pregnant with a princess” said the now obviously magical frog. The queen, not only surprised by the frog answering her in human tongue, was so shocked by this statement she spouted a quick, “thank you,” to the frog, grabbed her clothes and ran up to the castle to tell her life partner, the king. The king was so excited by this news that he planned a party for the soon to be born princess. When planning the extravagant party, the king decided that the twelve good fairies of the kingdom should be invited as well as all of his loyal subjects, and the evil fairy Minerva was left off the guest list. Nine months later, sweet little Prunella was born and the social event of the year was set for a few weeks later.
Nearing the end of the ball in honor of Prunella’s birth, each of the fairies bestowed one precious gift on the little princess. The fairies offered wonderful gifts, like natural leadership, the gift of being well versed, the ability to learn quickly, a beautiful singing voice, strong ability in the arts, natural grace, natural sportsmanship, good luck, good karma, natural ease with animals, and eleventh fairy gave the gift of feminist ideals
just then the thirteenth fairy Minerva stormed in in a rage.
“It’s nice of you to not invite me on this joyous occasion. But I will give my gift just like the other fairies have,” said the magnificently evil fairy, as she preceded to give her gift. “On this young beautiful thing I will bestow an early death; young Prunella, at the age of fifteen, will prick her finger on a spinning spindle and she will die.” Then Minerva disappeared in a puff of smoke, never to be seen or heard from again. The twelfth fairy hadn’t yet given her gift and so was able to lighten the curse that the evil Minerva had woven, by giving the gift of sleep instead of Prunella dying. But still, as a precaution, the king and queen ordered all spindles destroyed in a huge fire.
Prunella grew to be the best archer among the knights, the most beautiful girl in the land, the best singer in the choir, the best woodsperson, and the smartest person in her lessons. Prunella, like her mother, enjoyed to have solitary time where she could let her mind wander as she herself roamed around the castle exploring what would one day be hers. One day while wandering, Prunella came upon an old tower she had never seen before and started to climb the tight winding stairs up to the turret. She got to an open tower room where she found an old woman spinning wool into a beautiful yarn that was all of Prunella’s favorite colors. She felt so drawn to the yarn being spun Prunella politely asked if she could try spinning, and the old woman let Prunella sit down and guided her hand to help her spin. As soon as darling Prunella touched the spinning wheel, the spindle pricked her and Prunella and all of the inhabitants of the castle feel asleep. The old woman stood up straight and took off her face like a mask to reveal that she was Minerva! Minerva, angry that her curse was offset with the sleeping gift, conjured a large thorn bush to grow around the castle, a gargantuan thorn bush that traps anyone who tries to get past it inside, essentially pricking them to a slow, mercilessly painful death. Many princes learned of the “Sleeping Beauty” and tried to rescue her from the curse but, none had learned about the thorn hedge and either died in the hedge or got discouraged and found other brides.
So the years passed with no break in the curse upon poor Prunella, until about 100 years had passed. One brave prince heard the legend of “sleeping beauty,” and decided to see if there was truth to it. The prince traveled until he found the legendary vicious hedge, and set his mind to getting inside to marry the most beautiful princess of legend. The prince went to slash through the thorny hedge, but instead found only large beautiful vibrant red flowers with a path leading from where he stood to the tallest tower where beautiful Prunella was sleeping. So he followed the path, climbed up to the tower room where he found Prunella sleeping, like she just went down for a nap. He was in such awe of her beauty that he bent down to kiss her ever so lightly on the lips, which broke the curse and woke her and the entire castle up. The prince was so excited that he woke up sleeping beauty that he bent down on one knee and proposed to darling Prunella, but Prunella being the same age that she was when she was pricked by the spindle (15), politely declined saying “ Fair prince, I thank you greatly for waking me up from the evil fairy’s spell, but I am only 15 and not nearly ready to be tied down to you for the rest of my life. If you would like to be friends first, I would enjoy that but I’m not ready to accept your proposal.” The prince accepted lady Prunella’s request to be friends at first and joined the castle’s community. Prunella and the prince grew to be great friends over the years and Prunella, while still not accepting the prince’s numerous marriage proposals, decided to spend the rest of her life with him as life partners, and rule over her parents kingdom with the same feminist ideals they held in high regard.
So that’s the tale of Prunella the feminist sleeping beauty. This is the new version all little girls need to be told in the future, so they don’t hold a half-hearted belief in finding a man to complete who they are.

The End.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Music....NSFW

it may no be the cleanest song, but i love it!!!

that is all,

Thursday, March 5, 2009

hello Darling readers,
today i present the knitting project that i'm slowly but surely working on. Normally i'm a very fast knitter, and can whip this up in days, but this scarf, which is being made for my friend mary's soulmate, is taking me forever. It's really quite sad. i wish it would go faster and i could just be done with it. It's a very lovely acrylic yarn that has the look and feel of wool. and it's very simple garter stitched scarf. I love it though, i feel like it's me and mary's little baby, because she started in in hopes of learning to knit, and need it finished in a time line, so i took it up. unfortunately the time line has passed, but it's okay because it still will find it's way to it's owner.
i have faith.

in other news, i had a fabulous nite,
and this picture is just myfavorite from the evening. it's so old lady who has been smoking for years. I just LOVE IT!

so that's all i got for you.
tomorrow i will be going back to my high school, where i will be discussing a "guest artist" type lecture/demonstration that i'll be giving in may. I'm pysked.

anyways, good evening,


p.s. did you notice the nail polish in the picture of me knitting?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

going stir crazy!

i got my new camera and first thing i did with it, take pictures for a tutorial on for Photo transfers using clear tape and magazine photos!!

you can find that if you look here:

go comment and other things.

also on a more creative note, i am working on a new series of embroiderys...well two new series one exploring the idea of an enternal soulmate, and the other a visual journaling set kind of like embloggery's set of visual blogs.

i'll post pictures of that a.s.a.p.
and soon i will have loads of new posts.

so expect more.

Friday, February 6, 2009

I just turned this into a writing journal...

this weekend i am in visual journal workshop which is a workshop run by Nancy Wolfe and offered by my school this semester. so i took it. and one of the pages is a collaborative poem, and that nancy guided us to making a wonderful poem that each person wrote seperately. here's mine:

Collab. Poem (by michael abernathy)
***don't steal my work***

When kissing those of exotic nature,
one goes through certain hoops
of reason, regret, and monstrosity.
One mustn't fiddle with bogus
ideas of long-lasting, glittering love.
In the morning when one wakes up in
Adrian, the morbid superfluous feelings
that are devoid of that smiling laughter one
sows when in love, that delicate promise
that bows to one magic smile,
are only memories of fun happy loving
times. when our oes froze an ht
epiphany rose out of the murky depths
of our minds.
Thoe mushrooms we took that caused our
vision to be freckled wit cats. We delved
into the happy freaky september nights, where
the sight of badgers confounded us.
"help" i screamed
as you tried to decieve the threads that connected
our hearts, as you stood on the football
platform, at the start of a new adventure,
a new line in you lively book of love.

please tell me what you think.
some of it is false, and some true.
but it's very personal, and wierd that out of randomness came something so ironicly my situation. really makes you believe in fate.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Contest I'm Gonna Enter!!!

The anti-valentine contest!!!!

find more info here, everyone is welcome to enter!!!

oh yeah and sorry about not posting, i'm trying to get camera that works for me to take good pictures of my work to put on the site.

i'm fighting through yeah!!!