Saturday, August 29, 2009

School has started.

It's Official. For students of Adrian College school has started. Today is the first saturday of the semester, which means that the first week of classes has passed. I love my classes, except the one i haven't been to yet, Sociology 102/1. The week started with me in section 2 of Sociology 102, with a prof. who I just didn't click with, so i switched.

It's only the first weekend, but i miss my family hardcore.

they are so wonderful.

In about two months my blogiverssery is coming up.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Preview of Art-A-Liscious Work.

That's right. Art-A-Liscious is just around the corner, and because of that i've finally snapped a picture of my "Tooth-Roots". I hope you love them. I have so much more left to do and as you'll see in the picture i still have eyes to sew on and faces to paint. PLUS i have to make about 50 more. I hope i have none left after Art-A-Licious, but if i do have some left, i'll probably put them on ETSY!