Thursday, July 30, 2009

Women go make a salad.

I see this commercial all the time, but last night it truly hit me that there are two meanings behind this commercial, 1. women belong in the kitchen, not outside grilling and 2. That this charcoal is so easy a woman can do it! I won't even mention the fact that men can't make salads in their own kitchens. i think that this might be the most ridiculous commercial out there on T.V. i mean come on people, way to perpetuate age old sterotypes.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

NEWSFLASH:: Size 5's are fat.

did anyone else notice that neither of these women need to diet. I did, and it pisses me off! How can the "big things" women not be considered thin? You can still see her chin, and even through all of that big shit you can see that her waist is small. I'm guessing she is a size 5 at max.
So what does that tell girls like my sister and my nieces??? that if you are a size 5 you're in bad need of a diet???

fuck that!

i'm all for being healthy, which is the only reason anyone should eat that stupid yogurt, but using it as a diet food, and for what??? TO lose ten pounds. I'm sorry bitch as a plus sized guy myself i know what's skinny and what isn't, or at least i used to until society decided that size 5 is fat. If size 5 is fat what am i SUPER FAT???

what do you think??


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Not a usual post.

Hey there ya'll,

So i am a feminist as well as an artist, and originally this blog was going to be about my art, but i feel like i must draw attention to the nastiness of the non-feminist world. Last night i got sucked into Mad T.V. and even though i was a little tipsy, i still couldn't help but notice the really negetive vibes from this clip.

i can't belive that the goal of this is to laugh. How can i laugh at "the ugly woman"? and does anyone else have a sneaking suspiscion that the last bit was suppossed to be domestic violence??? I mean usually i LOVE Michael McDonald, his stewart charecter is really quite funny, but this??? COME ON!!!! totally crossing the line. But what do ya'll think???

Also I Posted a comment on the Deeply Problematic's 50 books for problematic times so i though you might like to post as well. Instead of me telling you all about it, just go check it out!!!
I posted about T. Cooper's Lipshitz 6 or Two Angry Blondes. I also mentioned Wally Lamb's She Comes Undone and his other book This Much I Know is True. Both are really really beautiful, and Wally Lamb is one of my favorite authors.

Speaking of books though i LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathon Stroud!!! it's kind of like the new Harry Potter, only more along the lines of Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials meets Jonathon Strange and Mr. Norrell.

Maybe, i'll keep up with the posting and maybe i'll finally get some of my work up on here for all to see....MAYBE???


Thursday, July 23, 2009

New update.

WOW! it's been a while.
But i need to just post a quick update.

i have a booth at the Tecumseh's Farmer Market in September.


i'm still not quite sure i know what i'm going to make.
something i'm sure.