Friday, May 29, 2009

Nature Walk and New Work Coming!

Today me and my darling friend gage went out for a nature picture safari. I didn't havea list when i started i just kind of took pictures as things happened. These top four are just a little scatter of the 3 something pictures i have. (you can find them all at my myspace: So we had some fun there.

also i have been working on a new series of work that i'm calling american foundations...which is a working title. The new series is a collection of images i drew that feature a sign(like a peace sign)and it's meaning (like PEACE for the peace sign pair.)Each pair is two images each pair illustrating peace, love, and rock and roll. the peace pair is on bright acid green fabric, the love pair is on neon pink fabric, and the rock and roll pair is going to be on black possibly...?

but i'll get pictures of them and put them up soon.
also i'm working on a painting too.

i'll keep you posted.