Thursday, March 5, 2009

hello Darling readers,
today i present the knitting project that i'm slowly but surely working on. Normally i'm a very fast knitter, and can whip this up in days, but this scarf, which is being made for my friend mary's soulmate, is taking me forever. It's really quite sad. i wish it would go faster and i could just be done with it. It's a very lovely acrylic yarn that has the look and feel of wool. and it's very simple garter stitched scarf. I love it though, i feel like it's me and mary's little baby, because she started in in hopes of learning to knit, and need it finished in a time line, so i took it up. unfortunately the time line has passed, but it's okay because it still will find it's way to it's owner.
i have faith.

in other news, i had a fabulous nite,
and this picture is just myfavorite from the evening. it's so old lady who has been smoking for years. I just LOVE IT!

so that's all i got for you.
tomorrow i will be going back to my high school, where i will be discussing a "guest artist" type lecture/demonstration that i'll be giving in may. I'm pysked.

anyways, good evening,


p.s. did you notice the nail polish in the picture of me knitting?

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