Tuesday, July 28, 2009

NEWSFLASH:: Size 5's are fat.

did anyone else notice that neither of these women need to diet. I did, and it pisses me off! How can the "big things" women not be considered thin? You can still see her chin, and even through all of that big shit you can see that her waist is small. I'm guessing she is a size 5 at max.
So what does that tell girls like my sister and my nieces??? that if you are a size 5 you're in bad need of a diet???

fuck that!

i'm all for being healthy, which is the only reason anyone should eat that stupid yogurt, but using it as a diet food, and for what??? TO lose ten pounds. I'm sorry bitch as a plus sized guy myself i know what's skinny and what isn't, or at least i used to until society decided that size 5 is fat. If size 5 is fat what am i SUPER FAT???

what do you think??



FilthyGrandeur said...

if a size 5 is fat i must be one blubbering massive fatty--all size 16 of me...i really hate how ads have turned to fat-shaming their potential consumers.

incidentally, have you heard of Sarah Haskins? she basically makes videos that point out the ridiculousness of ads aimed at women: http://current.com/target-women/
i highly recommend her.

M. said...

OF COURSE!!! i love Sarah Haskins, my friend emma showed me here vids. they are great.