Saturday, November 15, 2008

Going Home

Going Home, originally uploaded by hippiecrafter.

Well this was suppossed to be in the last post but that's okay!
so yeah this is my beautiful piece that i just finished recently and it's discharged fabric for the background.

to achieve the leafy background affect i used thioreau dioxide (thiox) and a squirt bottle and drew leaves on. For those of you who aren't so familiar with the discharge process, for thiox at least, i drew the leaves on and then (because i like the trippy drippy affect acheived) i hung it up to dry. when i hung it up i hung it up right above a garbage can. then i let it sit in my studio for the weekend, came back on monday and ironed it, rinsed it out, and ironed it again. then i discharged the burgundy fabric, ehich here appears yellow, and appliqued it on. the bird in blue is also an applique of bleach discharged fabric. i think i like the affects of thiox better, but for more subtle patterns bleach serves well.
when i discharge using bleach i use monagum paste to thicken it up, and use the same squirt bottle method to "paint" it on.

so that's my story about how it wasa made.

The title is a whole 'nother story. It's called Going Home, because all of the creatures, except the fairy are going home. I came up with this theme because i was going home when i started this project. This piece has so much symbolism, and sentimental value to me.
i'm entering it into an upcoming show.

so wish me luck.
i hope you are having a fabulous day, because here it is cold and rainy and snowy at times, and gross.

but good news, my birthday is tuesday!


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