Saturday, November 1, 2008

i once was...

i once was, but then blogspot won't le tme sign in, and when i tried to recover my password they e-mailed my password recovery to the wrong e-mail adress even though i know that i put in the right one. i know because they have sent me an e-mail to say that i had to sign in with another e-mail.....anways nvm.

SO this post is going to be the first for this journal, and what better day than Samhain?
in pagan culture samhain is the New Year, so it's great that i'm starting today!!!

i'm going to start with a link to Creativy Prompt:

and this link will lead you to making you own hardbound journal (big suprise!!!! w/ that link). i really want to make one only i think i'm going to cover mine in fabric. In eleventh grade in high school my art class (me included) made there own sketch books, which turned out to be a flop, like they were well constructed, but we didn't really do anything in them. Then on Thursday night/Devil's night, i went to Heritage Gallery on campus here, and i saw a series of handmade sketch books that where full of drawing, poetry, and other littles things so it kind of inspired me to make my own journals, and fill them with all of my own sorts of things.

lately i've been so inspired, and i think it's because it's my favorite season, that and i look at craftzine blog alot =].
but now i think i'm going to go print out a birds and flower sampler from Bad birds! ( for my best friend linette's birthday which is a day ahead of 16 days. i think she's gonna love it!!!! Her name means little birds that's why i'm making it for her.



jess said...

I randomly found you and it looks like you're new to blogging, so welcome! Good luck on your little birds stitching, it's a fun pattern.

M. said...

thanks so much!
i am slightly new to blogging, i'm new to this blog at least.