Saturday, November 15, 2008

i'm not dead, or neglecting my blog!

I'm just waiting on pictures.
lately i've been very crafty, i just don't have a camera that works well enough. (maybe for christmas???)

so i'm waiting on pictures so i can show all of you how i've spent this "break-up" time.
So what am i working on you ask?
well i'm working on a needle felted harpie doll, a crochetted winter set, of mittens, hat, and a knitted scarf that i want to be as long as possible, im also working on hand printed fabric that i will be embroidering for my surface design class here at college, and that pillow with the bird pattern that i posted about in the first post!

so just to entice you i'm posting a picture of a piece called "Going Home"
it's the post above this one. i posted it from flickr.
my flickr account is also hippiecrafter, so if you want to see some more of my stuff, go there check it out

hope you are having a pleasent weekend,

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